What is Word of Music?

musicWord of Life Music represents the collective of song-writers, musicians and worshipers emerging from Word of Life Churches in Ireland. Our mission is to raise up and release worship music that declares the mission of the King and equips the church to glorify God and change their worlds for Him.! Word of Life Music utilises the network of Word of Life Churches, and their affiliates, in Ireland and across the world to send out worship music produced by the Word of Life Collective. Through this network, Word of Life Music also sends out missionaries of music to build worship teams and grow the church

The Collective

The Word of Life Collective is a team of song-writers, musicians and worshipers whose passion is to glorify God, bring hope to the nations and to be a prophetic voice to our generation.


We are currently in the studio recording an album which is due to be released in September 2015.  The album ʻHear the Soundʼ is a collection of songs that have grown out of a journey of encounter with the Living God. These songs will draw you into a deeper experience of God and allow you to hear the sound of His coming Kingdom.

Anton and Ali Giusti

Word of Life Music is run by Anton and Ali Giusti. Anton and Ali are the worship directors of Word of Life Church, Ballyjamesduff, where they lead a team of passionate worshippers, most of whom are under the age of 17. They are experienced musicians and worship leaders who are devoted to growing worship teams, raising up the next generation and releasing the sounds and songs that will bring people into a deeper revelation of God.